Branding Hindu Dharma. Why it is the need of the hour.

Why pray to 33 Koti Gods? Why waste milk and oil over “rocks”, when it could rather be used to eradicate world hunger? Are these rituals even relevant today? Why even go to temples? Why even build them? Why should I worship idols when God is everywhere? Wait, does God even exist? If Yes, who is God?... This is what a significant portion of the current generation of Hindus think. Why do so many young Hindus think like this? Is there a problem with Hindu Dharma?


Hindu Dharma is not a religion, it is a civilizational way of life. Its roots are in Sanātana Dharma, a philosophy that is most ancient yet contemporary, evergreen, and even futuristic. 


Wait a minute… “What does Sanātana Dharma mean?” Sanātana means Eternal, while Dharma means rightness or a set of Laws (not religion). Thus, Sanātana Dharma translates roughly to Rightness / Law - the basic fabric of the universe that neither has a beginning nor an end and no one founder or book. Simplistically speaking, Sanātana Dharma offers life hacks for more fulfilling and efficient living and also helps address both the physical and mental aspects of human life. Earlier the word Sanātana or Sanātani was used synonymously for Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs, but as the world around us started in terms of religion, the phrase Sanātana Dharma became less popular and got replaced by Hindu “Religion” Therefore, it's not merely a religion; it's a philosophy and a way of life. It's accessible to not just the Hindus, but people of any faith or even atheists, transcending religious boundaries.


Well, IF Sanātana Dharma or Hindu Dharma is so inclusive and awesome, then why are the current Hindu youth not excited enough about it? As established, the problem does not lie in the roots of Hindu Dharma, the fundamentals of which are strong, positive, and future-proof. The problem thus lies in the absence of branding. When we still restrict ourselves to the old ways of storytelling that was once appealing, we continue to engage in rituals without adequate explanation or reasoning to the curious youth of the 21st Generation…we lose the plot. That is why promoting these conversations around Hindu Dharma and Sanātani philosophy is important. But HOW?


Navigating discussions about these topics can be challenging in the present-day scenario, thanks to the prevailing stigmas & preconceived notions. However, speaking the language of the current generation might just do the trick...and that is precisely what our mission at Āgāmi is.


"What's Āgāmi?" Well, it's a Sanskrit term that means 'something that is next' or simply 'imminent' & we started on our mission in 2021 as a lifestyle start-up that breaks away from the usual representation of traditional content to cater to a new generation of people eager to explore & express their spiritual & cultural Bhāratiya heritage.


We aim to address the next chapter in Bhārat’s rich cultural & spiritual heritage - to present ancient Indian knowledge & the eternal tenets of Sanātana Dharma in contemporary style through daily lifestyle products.


In our twisted world, Dharmic practices are often seen as obsolete or suitable only for the elderly. Moreover, those who wish to embrace their Sanātani identity find limited practical options to express this aspect of their personality. Through our designs, we present the essence of Sanātana Dharma to the current generation, combining attractive contemporary aesthetics with ancient spiritual knowledge.


We are building a brand based on India's philosophical & spiritual heritage that Sanātanis the world over can call their own.


Apart from merchandise, Āgāmi also encourages seeking and promulgating knowledge about the underlying purposes of our traditions and aims to contribute to positive social change in the Bhāratiya society minus the stereotypical approach.


And as we reflect on our glorious past through the intriguing present, we invite you to join us in our pursuit to answer- What’s next? or as we like to say it- "What’s Āgāmi?"


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