What's Agami?

Āgāmi / आगामिThat which is next (adj.)
Āgāmi aims to address the next chapter in Bharat’s rich cultural & spiritual heritage - to present ancient Indian knowledge & the eternal tenets of Sanātana Dharma in contemporary style. Āgāmi Stores, was founded in Mumbai in 2021 as a lifestyle brand that breaks away from the usual representation of traditional content to cater to a new generation of people eager to explore & express their spiritual & cultural heritage.

"Hi, I am Tushar Diwan, a designer & art director by profession from Mumbai, India. My experience of travelling, living and interacting with people and cultures the world over sparked in me a keen interest in revisiting the spiritual & cultural heritage of India in general & Sanātana Dharma in particular.

My search for a brand that could help me express my spiritual identity led me to finding repetitive & stereotypical depictions which did not do justice to the depth, beauty & timeless appeal of Indian spiritualism. I felt a genuine need and inclination to fill this void, & thus, Āgāmi was born."


Tushar Diwan, Founder & Creative Director  

 Our goal is to build & grow a truly Sanātani brand for Sanātana Dharma, by the efforts of present & future Sanātanīs. As we reflect on our glorious past through the intriguing present, we thank you for joining us in our pursuit to answer- What’s next? or as we like to say it- What’s Āgāmi? "